Carrier FAQ's

Carrier Equipment

We have a wide variety of customers with varying needs, and services, around the globe. The majority of our shipments utilize the following equipment and capabilities:

Dry van
Temperature controlled
Team driver
High value
Carrier packet and carrier set up instructions and process for SEMMS

Call our logistics line at 832.222.9500

Inquire about being a carrier for SEMMS Logistics. We will instantly start the pre-qualification process! Please note, you will have to be set up with SEMMS in order to book a load. Our process is very thorough for YOUR protection and can take up to 48 hours, so, don't delay.


MC or DOT authority – 6 months or longer
$1 million in liability insurance or more
(SEMMS Logistics must be named the certificate holder)
$100,000 in cargo insurance
(SEMMS Logistics Transport must be named the certificate holder)
Receiving Payment

Before the payment process can start, we must receive the following documents:

Invoice with SEMMS Logistics load number
Original signed bill of lading (BOL)
Lumper receipts (if applicable)
Copy of the SEMMS Logistics confirmation
Any other accompanying paperwork
Carrier pay

Once the accounting department has received your complete and legible paperwork, without any claims or discrepancies, SEMMS will make a payment to you through an ACH direct deposit into your bank account based on our standard terms. We also offer several Quick Pay options to fit your needs.
Submitting paperwork, bill of ladings, receipts, proof of deliveries, etc.

There are several ways you can send us the necessary paperwork to ensure payment:


Fax to: 832.222.9500

Transflow: Please use SEMMS as the company code

Mail (Fedex, UPS, USPS): 1810 First Oaks Street, Ste 180, Richmond, 77406
If you are experiencing an issue with a previous or current load and have gone through the proper outlets on trying to resolve the issue, but still no resolution, please fill out the contact form and our Carrier Relations Team will look into the problem you are experiencing.
We ship all types of products to all locations around the world

We started over 20 years ago specializing in reefer truckload and expanded our services from there. We ship cold, fresh and frozen products for many Fortune 100 companies! We have customers in just about every SEC code that is tracked from paper products to produce, from apples to zinc oxide! See the 4 Types of Goods below (which is basically everything)!:

CONSUMER GOODS: between manufacturers, distributors and retailers

INDUSTRIAL FLOWS: of inbound raw materials and parts to outbound goods

TEMP-SENSITIVE GOODS: like: food and beverage, medical and much more

GOVERNMENT FREIGHT: commodities and second destination shipments
Check out our 'SEMMS Services Guide' for more information. We offer full-service all modal logistics including Reefer Truckload, Dry Van, Cold LTL, Dry LTL, Intermodal including Rail, Air and Ports, and International. Whether you are a Fortune 500 or start-up handling all your shipping needs alone we can help. Click on any link above for more details or request-a-quote today!

We also have plenty of online resources if you have questions on how to ship smarter or need to configure your freight class for dry ltl. You can also get a quick update on the current market with our market report.
How much does it costs and what is our pricing are important questions

We offer custom pricing structures for each customer, service and situation. It can be broken down into 4 categories:

CONTRACT PRICING: Can be quarterly or annual, and can save money by securing price and capacity in a volatile market

SPOT MARKET PRICING: Is market driven and can fluctuate significantly. Depends on the market on the day/week you want to ship and how much time you allow; much like booking a hotel room or buying event tickets.

PROJECT PRICING: Is easy and transparent by offering a set rate, for a pre-determined number of lanes, over a specified time period.

VOLUME PRICING: Called our "Circle Rewards Program," offers discounted rates for a guaranteed number of shipments. Talk to your sales associate for details.