Cold LTL

Refrigerated (LTL) shipping are specialized LTL freight services requiring unique expertise as a transporter. LTL freight can range in weight from 100 pounds and up. These shipments provide cost savings for the shipper and are an ideal solution for managed transportation freight budgets. We can ship Cold LTL freight anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Temp-Controlled Less Than Truckload

Semms Logistics has a team of seasoned cold ltl freight experts that are available to find the best options regarding your ltl freight. Temperature-controlled shipments that are less than 40,000 pounds are lumped with other cold shipments in order to fill a truck, and save cost. Semms’ team has a wealth of knowledge regarding best ways to ship, monitoring options and best practices for getting your product where it needs to go, safely and in the best condition. Our high volume of shipments is how we keep expenses low for our customers.


Truckload location, temperature and condition are all continually recorded and readily available with the adoption of several optional track and trace GPS technologies as well as continual temperature monitoring platforms. At 3 a.m., if you want to know where your freight is, we can tell you! Learn about our transportation Intelligence that revolves around your business.


We utilize a carefully vetted, top-tier carrier network to get your truckload freight safely and securely to its destination. These carriers’ dedication and experience combined with Semms’ expertise give our customers a piece of mind hard to find in today’s ever-changing market.

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