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What is Intermodal Shipping?

It is the process of moving various types of cargo while utilizing more than one method of transportation. The most common combination of this type of shipping is via truck and rail.

Intermodal is an appealing process for businesses shipping to various locations, both domestically and internationally, because it lessens the amount of handling performed with the cargo during the trip and can bring with it reduced costs.

A typical import shipping process entails:

  1. Arriving from overseas, containerized cargo is moved from a container port to a rail yard for shipment inland.
  2. Once the cargo has been moved onto the rail, it’s then transported to its desired location, usually several hundred miles inland.
  3. Once the rail has arrived at the inland location, the cargo is then placed on a truck to be taken to its final destination.
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Why Intermodal?

Steady growth in the number of road freight carriers is leading to greater traffic congestion and costly delays in the delivery of goods to end-users in business and consumer markets. Governments and regulatory bodies are introducing costly, stringent regulations to reduce vehicle emissions. Intermodal infrastructures are improving, along with other advances in technology for managing complex supply chains that operate across various modes of transportation.

All of those factors are compelling many companies to use an intermodal combination of sea, road and railways to transport their goods on longer routes, rather than depend on a single mode of transportation. The cost-reduction benefits are significant for freight shippers, buyers, freight forwarders and other stakeholders in the supply chain.

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